Welcome to the desert!

Have you ever watched the telly and seen all those cute little meerkats racing around the Kalahari? Have you ever wished you could have one of your very own? Or have you wished you could go work on the Kalahari and spend time among the 'kats in their natural environment and see them for yourself?

Seeing the meerkats at the zoo just aren't the same. However, here at Kalahari Kats we want to give you the chance to come up close and personal with your own personal meerkat! In fact, you can have a whole mob of meerkats if you like!

Here at Kalahari Kats, whether you’re a roving male, a leader of your mob, or simply a young upstart seeking rank, this is your opportunity to create and maintain your own meerkat family so you can explore and experience life in the desert of the Kalahari.

There are so many options for play here at Kalahari Kats. If you choose, you can work with other players to build a family unit and fight for supremacy in the area your dominant female decides is home. If working alone is your style, you can finish our quests and add more meerkats to stand alongside your first meerkats. There's always the option of being a roving male, seeking conquest of a female or foraging and battling other males for supremacy.

No matter the type of kat you choose to become, or the way you decide to play, this is a unique game meant to promote community interaction in all its forms and to allow you, the player, to enjoy the Kalahari Desert through one of the most interesting and unique perspectives the real life habitat has to offer!

Coming soon to a computer near you!


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